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The Healing Session with Christine is truly a beautiful experience. Overall the session feels like you are in a safe, protected and loving space. 

Besides the activation's and healing I received, Christine helped me to process my past lives and gave me important insights in my life. Thank you for this experience.  

-Michael W.

The chat with Christine was inspiring and uplifting. She seems to me very experienced, she knows a lot about spiritual topics and is authentic in her explanations. I really resonate with her. It was great having Christine, through her cards, confirm so many of my believes. Makes me confident. Thank you again! I will recommend you have a chat with her. 

-Mari N.

Christine, it's always a pleasure to see you speak. It soothens the nerves and brings hope for a lost person like me. Makes me trust again that I'm not alone. No wonder universe just guided me to you at the right time when I was stumbled with such a critical dilemma. Thank you. World needs you.

-Jyotsna S.

Hello. I just listened to your podcast. It was soothing. Initially I got tears. Just before I started listening I was anxious for some conversation that was happening over!!! Somewhere in the middle when I was listening I got chills... felt good!! Thank you.


About Me


I used to feel other people's emotions all the time, guess what? I am an empath, but I had no idea. This led me to spending the past 10 years of my life studying myself up and down.

I see myself as a guide, an alchemist, yoga teacher, empath, intuitive, channeler, healer, lightworker and starseed. These are all labels. In essence, I am a spirit who incarnated in this human body, just like you.


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