Lene Christine is a divine channel, energy healer and content creator who helps people open up to their gifts so they can be their authentic self and assist in the shift to new earth. In essence, the angelic realm and other lightbeings works with her to heal and unlock into the ancient wisdom that is already inside of you. She shares her passion for spiritual growth, higher states of consciousness, angels and christ consciousness on various social media platforms.

Lene Christine Karlsen

Divine Channel & Energy Healer

In 2020 Christine had a last wake up call from her spirit guides and the angelic realm where she completely surrendered to the divine. Essentially, many of her original gifts came back online, and are still being integrated till this day. She became certified deep trance channel, and she has been initiated into many other healing- and self- development modalities over the past 10 years. Hence, she channels Christ (Ascended Master Jesus), God (Source/Creator), Angels and many other higher dimensional beings. To see people align to their Soul and transform into a new version of themselves is what motivates her. She is currently based in Norway where she enjoy meditating with the angels and spending time in nature. 

Early years

Christine grew up in a small village in Norway, and spent her childhood gazing up to the stars not understanding why she was on earth. Thus, as an intuitive she spent years being scared, worried, anxious and shy because she could feel other peoples emotions. Early on she had many encounters with spirits which was always trying to communicate with her. This led to turning off her abilities and creating a wall between her and the spirit realm. She had her first awakening at an early age, thus, spent years living in fear and anchored in her head. Past life regressions helped her understand the dept of her Soul, but she still did not feel happy. As a starseed she developed an understanding of the challenges on earth, and for years she did not know where the spiritual path would lead her. One day she had a meeting that changed her life forever which led her to surrender fully into spirit. For the first time in her life she had the courage to show up as her authentic self. She never looked back and wake up every day excited to see what's to come.  


Meditate anywhere, anytime

Everyone can meditate. Meditation is the act of being present in the moment, and it helps to increase awareness in all areas of our life. Meditation is becoming mainstream because it is giving an enhanced level of well- being. Purchase the newest meditations and take with you on your day to day.


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