9-9 Portal and the veil

Updated: Sep 25

The veil is thin after the 9-9 portal Yesterday. The veil to the other side, or to other dimensions has not been this thin in a long time. I enjoy it, as long as its on my terms.

It feels like I have an invisible thread from the chrown chakra to Source. Source energy is infinite. This stream of natural, creative flow has always been present.

When we incarnate on Mother Earth, we forget who we are. We chose to forget who we are, so that we can assist Mother Gaia in raising her vibration. She needs our help to ascend, we came for this. Our Starseed origins do not lie. Together, we form a large experiment. An experiment of Souls. Spirits. Emotions. “Everything exists in the present moment. Everything is happening in the present moment. The present moment is all that is, all that was and all that will ever be. Essentially, it is all we have. ”

I feel like my heart is expanding, and it has been for a while. However, this time it is different. The energy in my upper body is changing, in a good way that is. It is not still. Energy can never be still.

Energy is always on the move

Energy is in constant movement, and in constant transformation. Just like that. Just like that we can change our vibration. Just like that we can change our thoughts. And just like that, is this Source energy flowing through again. Again. And again. Until we meet the world again. Again. And again. Now, this time around it is different, yet enormously challenging. For an emotional human that is.

Life is what you make out of it. It really is. I’ve seen it now. I am the proof now. You are the proof when you accept all your creations. Everything that shows up in your hologram is created. It is there for you to look at. Review. Again. And again. Only this time around it is different, yet beautifully merged. You have shifted. Your consciousness has expanded. It is huge, yet smaller. Your mind is the observer and your heart is leading the way. In beautiful harmony that is.


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