Andromeda: Galactic Timelines, Spirit guides & Family of Light, Channeled Message to Starseeds

We all carry a unique set of frequencies. You will receiveunique upgrades and activations from various healers and spiritual teachers. Recently, I've been connecting to andromeda as I have a guide there. The star beings, the galactic beings (#higherdimensionalbeings) are right here. They can be accessed through our heart, the #heartcharkra portal is the access point to other dimensions. I'm sure you also have connections to other star systems. It's very cool to tune into them. They have another vibration (#energy). They are of a higher vibration, and in this life you are meant to be here on #Earth.

We are meant to have a certain #vibration. We can raise our #frequency while we are here on earth. On the other hand, we can only go this far in terms of #vibration because our body are anchored on earth. We came on a mission together as #starseeds.

The guides from Andromeda which are another version of us is here to share this message today, and he/ she/ they are here to remind you that you are where you are right now, and that's perfect. When you have the physical form you can only go so far in terms of vibration. Well, everything is unlimited, infinite, but at the same time your are meant to jump yourself into your highest highlight in this life and you're meant to stay on your highest timeline during this life. Hence, your physical body is not allowing you to move out from earth, and when you die you get rid of this body, and your soul moves on, and maybe you go home to your home planet, or to the Angelic realm or wherever you choose to go after you die. You can choose where you go after you die. Humans on planet earth are so caught up in the illusion, in this matrix box. The #divine truth is that it's a choice, all of it. We have free will to choose everything.

Your most important job is to align yourself into your highest possible #timeline. This timeline is galactic now after the shift in 2020 energies. Please do not doubt that you are a #starseed, if you have found this page, you are defnetly a starseed.

The major galactic timeline is now available for us, and it has been for a few weeks. This means that the galactic connections are more accessable for all humans in 2020. This all depends on what timelines we choose to proceed on as a human collective. We now have the chance to align ourself with this galactic timeline.

Thus, from this galactic timeline you can directly communicate with your star family, your team of light, your family of light. It's all the same from a higher perspective. It's all the same in terms of you could be connected to the Angelic realm, lyrans, arcturians, sirians, orions, pleadians. You can connect to all of them. You can also connect to the ascended masters; Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Mother Theresa, Saint Germain, Merlin, Christ and all of these beautiful lightbeings are your team of light. They're all working together and make sure you are safely guided. You can think of them as a group of friends that's helping you because that's what they are.

The point is we should not be expecting anything. The spirit guides wants you to understand that they're forming a team around you, around your physical being, so for example when you go to the food store, they are watching and guiding you from above. They communicate in many ways, and you can learn how your spirit guides communicate with you. That's unique to you. You know in your heart, what's true for you. That is what Andromeda want to remind us today.

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