Energy Update June 2020

Updated: Sep 25

We are remembering that we are a part of the Angelic Realm. The COVID situation has caused a new level of awareness for every human on the planet, the difference between you and other humans is that you are consciously creating, consciously aware of the #ascension. Bringing awareness to every aspect of your life and having an intention behind everything that you do will be key to navigate June 2020.

Thus, because you now have a #newearth consciousness, this higher state of consciousness than you had before #covid19 you're now able to bring a higher level of awareness (#higherstatesofconsciousness) into all of the areas of your life. Being more of the observer is something that you can notice now, you find yourself listen more in-depth with this higher level of consciousness. Because of this new level of #awareness you're able to hear messages in conversations with others, messages from your own spirit guides and from the #angelicrealm. People perceive from their level of #consciousness, which is not the same as yours. The gap in consciousness will be huge now compared to before. All humans on planet earth are more separated in their realities. In June 2020, you can find yourself trying new activities. This is related to the inner child that wants to come out and play. I encourage you to let your inner child come out. We are choosing more love. Remember this will in turn make this inner child more visible. We will see a shift in competition because competition comes from lack. So in areas of your life where you have been wanting to compete this will not be the case anymore in June 2020 because the energies that are coming in now is not supporting competition. Competition is rooted in lack which is related to fear. It's about letting go of the old and bring in the new. #Psychicattacks can happens throughout the month. Remember to align yourself, and bring your focus back and empower yourself and cut the cords from people from your past. Another thing that came to me is that you will not always like what you get, but you will always get what you need, meaning what your soul needs.

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I love you, know that all is well and we'll speak soon.

Love & Blessings,

Lene Christine Karlsen

Divine Channel & Energy Healer

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