Energy Update Mid January 2020 ~ Powerful time

Updated: Sep 25

The energies this week are strong and powerful. Can you feel it? What we are being told to remember today is:

It doesn't matter who you meet on this human journey. Moreover, who you meet is another Soul in a human body, with another personality. What matters more is, how you grow from this experience.

In essence, who these humans are, is not actually important. Sometimes we, as humans, get caught up in this #3Dillusion we have chose to play in this time around. Hence, we have a tendency to attach to situations and other people. This causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. Thus, how you react to what happens in your life, how you respond to #negativeemotions, is a choice you make every day.

Following on, your job as a #Lightworker, a #Wayshower of the new earth is to understand the art of #transmuting this energy. How can we create heaven on Earth? By following our #passion. When we follow our passion, we stream #creativity, which comes from #Source #consciousness, through our human vessel. This is why we came.

How you follow your passion doesn't matter. You are loved. You are never judged by anyone but yourself. Your spirit guides does not judge you for choosing to follow your passion in one specific direction. What matters is if you actually do what you came here to do.

You are a being of Light. You have a #Soul. This is who you are.You are not only a human, but now you experience the #humanperspective. What are you learning from this? What are you bringing with you from this planet?

Love & Light,

Lene Christine Karlsen,

Divine Channel & Energy Healer

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