Energy Update September 30th 2019

Updated: Sep 25

In the Northern Hemisphere leaves are falling of the trees and we are reaching the autumn season after the equinox where we harvested the fruits before winter. This energy update is created to assist you the coming weeks as we are now in the Libra season where new energies will affect your daily life. These weeks we will take a look at what we learned ("the fruits") this summer, and how we can integrate this into our energy field. Following on, here is the energy update for you:

⭐️Manifestations What you send out comes quickly back with the new energies that are available to us now. You will notice that thoughts you have, manifests quickly in your reality. Things that used to take you months to manifest now take days or hours. Be clear about what you wish for and where your energy goes. The more you raise your vibration, the more responsible you become for being an example to others. Hence, the Wayshowers or Lightworkers.

⭐️Future vision The energies of October will feel slower giving you time to retract and reflect. This is especially true after the New Moon energy. Hence, your vision will be up for evaluation. Is there something you want to change in your future vision? The Libra energy gives you a chance to adjust your future vision and focus you energy more specifically towards your major purpose and the reason you are here in this lifetime. The Libra is an expert at being alone and away from society. Tune in to the energy of the month and ask it to assist you to stay in your present energy.

⭐️Justice Themes related to justice and fairness might show up in your hologram. You might see a progress in cases that have been pending for a long time. By the end of the year, there will be a change in this cycles when we move in to the Aquarian age.

⭐️Love Love is a theme this month. Both the love you have for yourself and for those around you. Romantic relationships might either be evaluated or you might meet someone that changes your perception of romance. Self love is the key to unlocking your greatest gifts. Those who have been working on self love the past couple of months, will be awarded for their inner work. It might show up in life as a romantic partner.

What do you feel about the Libra season?

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