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Updated: Sep 25

White sage has been used for thousands of years. The Native Americans used it. The intention of everyone that has been using white sage has been to cleanse, therefore, the white sage energy has a strong cleansing vibration. In this post I will show you how to use it.

White sage can be used to #clear your energy field, to let #negativeenergy move out of you (#nativeamericans). Personally, I use White Sage when I come home. For example, the other day I came home from the airport and I noticed I was picking up on other peoples thoughts and #limitedbeliefs. The first thing I did when I came home was to light up some sage and cleanse my #energyfield (#removenegativeenergy). You can also do this with your mind, your #intention, but it's nice to use the white sage with the nice smell too. After I am done #cleansing, I receive a warm, loving feeling. You can feel assistance from #Shamans, and even #AscendedMasters that has passed assisting you in this ritual. That is how I feel when I use the white sage. It can also be used to cleanse houses and other things you want to cleanse. When you cleanse, you intend for the energy to go back to Mother Earth and #transform to something positive. Make it a #ritual to use #whitesage every day. A perfect time to do a house cleanse is during #fullmoon, when the energy is peaking. Here is how you use it:

1. Light it.
2. Start at the front of your body, next to your feet. Sage your way up your body towards your head.
3. Do the same at the back of your body. Always start near #Motherearth.
4. Cleanse the #crownchakra, and a bit on the upper chakras (over your head) if you feel like it. It's all about your intention. Don't overdo it, use your intuition to do what feels right for you.
5. Done- you have now cleansed your #energyfield

Check out details in this #youtube video:

Hope this was an easy explanation, let me know how it goes.

Happy #energycleansing


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