Life happens FOR you, not TO you.

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Did you know that your inner world is projected out to your external world?

You are the creator of your own life. You've heard this before, right? I think you have. What many people do is that they play the victim when things happens to them because they actually think that life happens to them.

In fact, life happens for you. All of what you see in your external world happens for you. Everything that is around you right now is an opportunity for you to clear your old beliefs. For example, I had something in my life that happened to me recently, something that I first perceived as really unfair. This is not surprising because now it is Libra season and Libra is all about Justice. I myself, I'm born under this sign so I know all about justice. What happened was, I first thought that "this is unfair", then after a few seconds I was like "wait".

Following on, the universe is giving me this opportunity to clear my field, yes? So I changed my perception of what happened. And I said "Thank You Universe for giving me the chance to clear this which I have inside of me, which is not serving me well". Thus, when I intend to clear this from my field, then this energy will be replaced with something positive.

Essentially, every time you think something happens to you, in reality, this is something you create yourself because you haven't been doing all of your inner work. This is an opportunity for you to clear your field because when you raise your vibration, this has to be done. If you want to live your highest possibilities and towards your highest possible timeline, this clearing needs to happen. We have to face all this before we get there, all of this is inside of our body.

For example, people you used to hang out with, that used to be your friends. When they have a negative reaction towards you, you are shown that all of that was inside of you. This is the Universe showing you your feelings on the inside that is being projected out. Do you want to have this inside of you? I don't think so. Thus when you change the perspective, you can understand that all of this is to help you. It's all about perspectives. So instead of saying "Why does this happen to me?", and play the victim, you can say "Thank you Universe for showing me this in my reality, so I have the chance now to clear this for my field". I encourage you to try this next time.

Following, in my case when the unfair thing happened I decided right away. This is an opportunity for me to clear my energy. It is that simple, but again that hard. It is hard to be a human being sometimes. However, if you change the perspective of all the things that happened in the past and see all of this as learning. All that happened to you in the past created who you are today, and how beautiful is that? I think it's quite amazing.

I heard about people that were going through horrible stuff and yet they come out as beautiful angels. They come out as beautiful angels Earth Angels like you and me, right? That's because they don't let all of what happens to them "break them", even if that can never really happen, it is the 3D perspective. Paradoxical, you can choose to take all that happened to you, and say "Wow, I have so much experience. I learned so much from all of this. Look at how beautiful I now am. Look at how strong and empowered I am because of what happened to me. Thank you Universe for giving me this opportunity". You have to take responsibility for what is in your life. You create you own life. You are the main character of our own life. When can we realize that? If you can accept it, and if you become responsible, the energy change. Accept what you see around you, by accepting, you change the vibration of it.

"By accepting you change the vibration of it".

Take responsibility for everything you see in your reality. Take every opportunity from what you perceive as negative, to clear your energy. Take the opportunity of what you see to go within and clear your field, because only when you clear your field, you can raise your frequency. When you raise your frequency, you can live the life that you dream of and you can have what your soul desires. You are always supported, let's not forget that. There is a reason why you are sitting or standing where you are at this point in time, at this point in what we call "time", which is not really "time". It's just an illusion. It's like a long movie. We have to experience all of this to train our Soul by recognizing all the emotions that we are going through. Thus, get to know yourself, understand how you are working with emotions. Hereby, understand what time of the day, year and month you are having a lot of energy and the times you're not having more energy.

In the end, it is about being a conscious creator or an unconscious creator. It is still challenging, no matter which one you are. The question is, which one do you want to be? The universe always has your best interest. It wants you to grow and expand, that is why you're experiencing all of the things in your life, but it's up to you to choose which perspective you take.

And remember, life is happening for you. Always.

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