Relationships are your teacher

Updated: Sep 25

What is the point of relationships? The reason why we have relationships is to learn something about ourselves, right?

When you have been in a romantic relationship, a family relationship or with a friend, you have learned something from this experience.

Can you go back and think of a relationship you have had with someone that didn't work out? In essence, there is reason why it didn't work out, it's because you and that person had to honor yourself more, love yourself more, as the relationship had come to an end. Thus, you learned what you needed to learn from it, then you kept on being in the relationship (maybe a bit longer than necessary?) because your ego thought it was the right thing to do. This created a lot of suffering at the time. We have all been there, trust me.

Most humans are brought up to believe that relationships have to last a #lifetime, but this is an #illusion, right?

This is part of the #3Dmatrix you are living in, the society is teaching us how to live our life, but this is not actually how reality have to work, not if you are a #conscious being who is creating your own life.

Following on, relationships are great; it’s one of our greatest teachers. Hence, I'm not saying “not have one”, I'm just saying; are you aware of what you are learning from the relationships you're in?

Do you know who you are without the relationship?

Hence, if you don't know who you are without a relationship, then why rush into a relationship? It’s not always the case that we need to be with someone, or have people around in our energy field, because sometimes, we need to be on our own for a while. Moreover, when you have been working on yourself, you know who you are and you know your values, then it's good to be open to a relationships On the other hand, if you haven't been doing this work, you will only attract the relationship what you don't have within yourself. That is why I'm so obsessed with this #innerwork. That’s why I would like to teach you about this inner work you are doing;

Because if you haven't been filling up your own cup first, how can you help someone else?

Essentially, how can you be the best version of you in this relationship? I sometimes ask myself, what's the point? Hence, instead of focusing on that you want to manifest a relationship, work on yourself, follow your #passion, because when you do, you will find what you are looking for. Thus, maybe you'll find something else that you didn’t know that you were even looking for, you see?

Most people have their focus on the outside world, but I encouraged you to go within, go inside, to see what this relationship, or this thing that you want, is trying to reflect back to you. Hence, why do you feel the need to have this relationship? Why do you feel a need to find someone?

Are you aware of what’s in your #subconscious mind? Is there something you are not aware of yet? My point is, instead of focusing so much on relationships, focus on yourself.

If you are in a relationship, what is that relationship teaching you? Another question is what is that relationship mirroring back to you?

What is in your dark side? What’s hiding in your #shadowself? That relationship you have is trying to mirror back something, shining light on something, within yourself. Is that relationship making you jealous? Is that relationship making you irritated? What is it? It doesn't even have to be something negative. Hence, what is this relationship reflecting back to you? And honestly a lot of people stay in unhealthy relationships with a lot of suffering. They do this instead of realizing that it's time to move on, as they have learned what they are meant to learn from each other.

This is one of the challenges that many people have, to be brave enough to admit to themselves that the relationship is over. If the relationship is not actually giving you anything, you are growing apart. Some people can be together for a lifetime and if they do that’s great as long as they can recognize WHY they are in this relationship.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. #Lightworkers, remember, you are here to experience all of this as #humans in this now moment. I love you, and I have #compassion for you.

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Love & Light,

Lene Christine Karlsen

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