Surrendering the #Ego

From episode #11 of the Access Higher Consciousness Podcast | Christ Consciousness | Lene C. Karlsen

I learned that when being a #channel for #higherrealms, I never know what's gonna come through. Of course I can plan ahead, but usually it ends up being not exactly what I thought.


The energy right now is like this; change things up, taking action and try something new. Thus, when I have channeled #reading sessions, I need to #surrender my ego before the session. Accordingly, I need to trust that what I'm saying, sensing, seeing and feeling are the right things. You are going to find this in your journey, that you are being forced to surrender. It has just been a #fullmoon where the energy spiked, meaning the energy are getting more intense. Did you know that it's actually more murders and criminal activities around the full moon? It says something about the intensity, right?

You are being asked right now to surrender your ego one more time.

And I know you have been doing this before (I have too), but I did find myself earlier today surrendering my ego again. There are layers to this healing process we are going through. There are layers to #ascension, and that is why we are being asked to surrender our ego so many times. Sometimes when I have surrendered I have been physically on the ground in my apartment. My #physicalbody has been on the floor. It probably looks like I'm praying or doing yoga. If you feel stuck in your journey right now, I encourage you to surrender. You can say to your spirit guides: "I Surrender", and ask them to help. There's no way you can do this wrong. And I'm saying that because for years I didn't know if I was doing things right because I was very insecure in the past. There's no way you can actually do this wrong.

Moreover, when I surrender the ego, I feel like there's an #energy of giving up, kind of. It feels like I'm saying to the angels that I'm giving up right now.

When you surrender your ego, you basically say: "I have nothing more. I have no more excuses. I have no more complaints. I have no more blame, or guilt or shame around this. I just give up guys". This is the energy of being humble. Thus, being humble is a frequency that is aligned with your #higherself. The ego is not humble if you know what I mean. The ego always wants to control things. The ego wants to control the situation. The ego wants to know what's going to happen tomorrow. It's a matter of becoming aware of all of the limited beliefs that you have is in your ego. If you feel #worried or #anxious, it's because you are in your ego.

When your #spirit or your #soul becomes the main character, you're just present in the moment, and you're not allowing room for excuses or worry. We are here to learn how to move from head to heart. So you're brought up believing all the things you believe right now and you have a you had a picture of reality, and this picture was formed in a separated place. A place which were separated from #God. You can never really be separated from god, that is just something your perceive in this #3rddimension. We are now moving to a #fifthdimensional #consciousness.

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