The Challenge Lightworkers came for

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Hey #Lightworkers! How are you today?

You know when you feel like everything is so slow, so dense and you just don’t want to be here on this #planet? I understand. I feel this all the time. This is the challenge we as Lightworkers came here for. In addition, to learn about #patience. Moreover, it is #challenging to be in the #3rddimensional structure that we are a part of. You chose to be here now and I chose to be here this time around too.

Why are we here?

We are here to help people #raiseyourconsciousness. This will help #MotherEarth to ascend or help the humans to ascend, because Mother Earth is already #ascending I believe. We need every single human to be with us on this #ascension journey. There is no point in you just staying in the #5Dvibration on your own. I mean, you can do that if you want to. I can do that if I want to, but who’s that going to help?

We are lightworkers

We are here to help people, to take them with us on this #AscensionJourney. We are here to help people to wake up to who they really are, and who are they? They are a part of source just like you and I. Every human is a part of #source just like you and I. Hence, we all have the resources within our bodies, our #energybody, our physical, mental, spiritual and #emotionalbody. We all have the same starting point. We just chose to forget by conditioning ourselves through this life. So that maybe one day we can wake up and then what happens you? We wake up and remember again, and we go into nature and we remember and we can use crystals to remember, but it's not necessary. A lot of us do because working with crystals makes us remember where we come from because when we merge our energy with #crystals, #nature or something positive, we remember that we are a part of Mother Earth and that we have to stop destroying our planet. Thus, without this planet there will be no humans, at least not with this dense bodies.

The spirit will live on in other #dimensions

We know this because a lot of us are #starseeds as well. We don't have to use the labels, but it's a way of explaining, right? We have to understand that if we are going to have this #Humanexperience, we have to do this with these dense and heavy bodies, taking a linear approach to this one moment at a time. We need every human with us. You as a #lightworker, this is your job, right? This is where you as a lightworker or a #wayshower is going to thrive in the future.

You and me, my friend

We are thriving together to show people what life is really all about, and what is life really all about? It's about coming back home again. Its when we take away all the filters, all the layers of conditioning that we created for yourself. As a result, what is left is the power, the life force energy. That's what's all. And that's what we can use to create our dream life. That's what life is really all about.

The #universe don't want anyone to be poor

This is true, but we learn something from that, from our experiences. This is all just a place of experience. So no matter what you have done, or what you do right now, you're forgiven and it doesn't matter. It's just an experience. As long as you don't use this experience as something that is #conditioning you, right? So let that all go and remember we are here to ascend. To get to the next level of #Consciousness and this is happening right now. Let me know how the #Ascension process is going for you.

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