The new 5D energies, raise in consciousness and the shift

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Firstly, can you feel the shift that is happening on Mother Earth right now? As we know, time does not exist. Consequently, this message may be applicable to you five years from now. The major event that many spiritual people talk about is our entire life we experience here.

Personally, I noticed the shift when I had to post videos on Youtube. This was not by own choice, from one perspective. Thus, my guides were forcing me to learn how to make a video, I did not know anything about video creation. Essentially, I had to get my message out there for the Collective. Hence, I will describe this as a large push from behind, being divided out on a longer linear period. This had been an interesting process and very strange to be honest.

This is the new energies we have here on earth. Every day has new energies, not one day is the same. When you go to bed it’s almost like you die and you wake up to a new life the day after. The cosmos is in constant change and planets are moving at all times. All this is affecting you every day. That is why it’s important to be aware and to practice awareness. Because when you are, you know all of this and you can adapt to the changes of energies in the world.These changes affects your body, your spirit and your connection to Mother Earth.

The amount of people waking up is massive

Following on, when I go to the supermarket for example and look people in their eyes, I can feel that their Soul can relate to mine. From one perspective, they are saying to me “I see the truth in your eyes, how can I step into my truth like you did?”. Moreover, I know they will be doing that soon. This can be for example a change in their relationships or a new career path. This is the people waking up to the new earth.

Think about the energies from the last couple of years. How was that like? Can you feel the difference? The new 4th and 5th dimensional energy affects us in such an intense and great way. Thus, it makes us want to move and get up from the couch. It is like your guides are forcing you to take action. Can you feel this?

You have been waiting for this

All of the spiritual work you have been doing up until now has lead you to this moment in what you call “time”. From one perspective, you were always here. It is just now you woke up to this version of you. This version know that creativity is an extension from Source energy. In addition, it knows that you are here to be in your power. You do this by taking your power back. Hence, it is all about living in the heart. We have been waiting for this energy for so long, from one perspective. On the other hand, the energy has always been here. It is only now your Soul is ready to integrate this energy.

People reading this post, are definitely waking up as well. The energy that I send out, will reach certain people, this was designed prior to my incarnation. The more people that raise their consciousness, the better the world will be. This will result in us taking better care of Mother Earth which we love so much, don’t we?

All of this shift in consciousness will help the world to be a better place. I'm encouraging you today, to take ownership and to do you part. You know what you have always wanted to do to make the world a better place. It is something that makes you be the example and lead the way in this world. Your heart will always have the answer to this. What did you always dream about doing? It’s the time to do what your heart desires.

Be authentic, be yourself and do what you are meant to do here on earth.

When we make decisions from our heart, this will help everyone else raise in consciousness, you see?

It all starts with you.

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Love, light and blessings,

Lene Christine Karlsen

Divine Channel & Energy Healer

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