The New Earth

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The #NewEarth is a place of #higher #vibrations. This new #gaia #energy will not allow suffering. only creativity can be allowed. Creativity comes from #Source. Source energy has many aspects. Thus, one is creativity. It will guide you through the #ascension path.

Align with Source and you will see a natural flow of ki. The #Universe is here to experience through your human vessel. You are an experiment, and when you are able to look at your life from this perspective, you will understand that the #symbols you once thought were real, is not anywhere near your future Self's timeline.

“Let the universal flow guide you. Feel into it. Tune into it. You will not go wrong because wrong is only an illusion humans made up from their #3rd #dimensional perspective.”

You do not need to know what tomorrow brings as pure existence is all that is. Look at your life as an experiment, but do not stay in the hamster wheel of demonic influences. You can graduate whenever you prefer. Look around you and understand that this is your creation.

Creator beings

Understand that you are the creator. You are here to create. Your true essence is creation. Your true self is creative. Your true self is spirit. Through your human vessel you will express.

There will come a time when only the #Divine essence can shine through all of you. As you know, time is an illusion created by humans from a 3rd dimensional perspective. Essentially, the event is now. It is already here, and it has always been here for those who tap into this beautiful ray of Light. There can be only pure existence as this is the Truth of Divine being.

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I love you, know that all is well and we'll speak soon.

Love & Light,

Lene Christine Karlsen

Divine Channel & Energy Healer

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