The truth is you will die alone

We are born alone. We die alone. To accept this will change your life. Most people are afraid to be alone. The truth is; you are never alone, and you will never be alone.

The first time I recognized the fact that I will die alone was profound, everything changed. In the beginning I freaked out. Then the question came; am I really alone?

Only you can save you

When we accept that we were born alone, we understand that no-one will save us. There is no other #human, situation or place who will save us from the #resistance we create from a #3rddimensionalrealm. There is no other person who will save us from finding our own happiness. It is time now that you take full responsibility for your own life, for what you created and for what you did not create yet. Let the past go and bring in the future #timelines in this moment. You can do this every day, and remember to ask for help with this. You are not actually alone in this life. Your spirit guides, angels, #spiritanimals, star-family and other #higherfrequencies are always by your side.

You always have them by your side, just because you don't physically see them doesn't mean they are not there. It just means you operate from a #3rddimensional perspective.

Moreover, from a 4th and 5th dimensional perspective, the bridge gets smaller, meaning if you embody higher frequencies, you can feel them even more. However, this is not important, the important thing is that you know they are with you. Additionally, they want to see if you can embody trust and faith, to trust that they are with you.

You have to save yourself

The #energy of #selflove has been all over the planet lately, did you notice? This year we have really stepped into loving our self, from a whole #newperspective. It might be that you don't feel you love yourself fully, however, situations have been there for you to face this challenge, am I right? This is the energy of the new earth coming in strongly. There is not room for us to be anyone else anymore, only our true authentic self. This means we are navigating our way through everything that is in the way of loving our self. If this means breaking up relationships, changing the place we live., whatever we need to do to step into our truth.

In this video, I talk about being the authentic you:

The energy of 2020 is coming in, and we can already now feel the changes. If you haven't already, let this be the year you take full responsibility of your life.

Love & Light,

Lene Christine Karlsen

Divine Channel & Energy Healer

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