Weekly Angel Message, Channeling Ascension Update on COVID-19

Updated: Sep 25

First of all, they want you to know that this is all Divine and the reason is; there had to be a certain amount of lightworkers incarnating onto this Earth before this virus thing could happen. That means that this wouldn't have happened if humanity wasn't ready. What the angels are saying is that we are ready for this now, and we have been preparing for this for a long time. Hence, I don't know about you, but I have been by myself.

For the last year working on myself and through all of my beliefs and #emotions and all the necessary work to prepare for this event that is going on right now. All of the work that we have been doing prior to this has led us to become the powerful #lightworkers that we now are, but that doesn't mean that we are done with the work. No, this is when the real work begins. This time is when we can see who has done the work, and it will be revealed to us what we need to work on. Additionally, always know that you are always in the right place. You can never actually be in the wrong place. From a higher perspective, nothing is ever wrong. Everything is always perfect and divine, even though our ego, our human self, doesn't always understand this, but our soul, our #higherself always knows. Thus, our higher self is always ten steps ahead of us.

Following on, it had to be a certain amount of lightworkers incarnating onto the Earth plain before this massive awakening was stirring up the darkness of the planet, the 3D structures which are built up in fear. All of the structures that has been built up in lack and fear are now starting to shake and move. People are starting to see through all of it. Hence, we as lightworkers have been seeing through all of this for a long time, but now the rest of the world will also see what is really going on.

Thus, some of these structures will be revealed to us during the next years, and lightcodes are coming into the Earth. The soulโ€™s that are aware of their light and aware of the inner work, can easily now receive new lightcodes, but that requires us to be very aware and present in the now moment. Hence, being present right now is key to anchor in this new light. Another thing you might have been noticing is that there is a lot of downloads and insights coming through to Earth because it is so quiet.

Moreover, it's easy to understand and to listen to messages from #spirit at this point. All of what is happening is #divine, and there are so many higher dimensional beings who is around us. Even though you cannot see them with your physical eye, they are so close to us right now. They are overseeing this event that's going on right now, and they are making sure the structures are being broken and stirred up, so that we can rebuild this world with love. Thus, we are building businesses up again based in love and not fear. That is the human perspective.

However, from a higher perspective it is all perfect. Moreover, it is all love anyway. Thus, the fear structures, for example businesses that are built up in fear and are as a result not very ethical. This is just love which is covered up with fear. It is like it is like two chocolates where one is covered up with wrapping and one is not. The one that's not covered up will stand stronger than ever now, because we are moving to the heart space. Hence, this cover of fear, these people are looking at the world through the eyes of fear. Moreover, everything that they see is seen with fear, and every decision they make is made based in fear, meaning lack. The other beautiful businesses that is now being built or have been built are built from a love place. They are able to look through the 3d illusion and they are able to see everything through the eyes of love. There's a higher and bigger reason for what is going on. These businesses will stand even stronger now after this shake up.

Following on, from a #higherperspective, the #angelicrealm, the #ascendedmasters and #higherdimensionalbeings is overseeing all of this, and they are loving us through all of it. They are always here. You're always guided and you're always supported. It is just a matter of you becoming fully #aware of your life. Hence, if you don't see this or feel this support that I'm talking about, the reason is that they want you to learn something first. They want you to understand something. There's something that you haven't seen, look closely around you in that part of your life where you are living in denial, or that you are not aware of.

There is something that you either don't want to look at, or that just you're not consciously aware of. Take the time to review your life during this quarantine. Become aware of everything. Thus, be like the eagle who is overseeing everything, be the eagle in your own life and see your life from a higher perspective. Where in your life are you not consciously creating? The #spiritguides and the #angelicrealm wants you to become aware of everything right now. In essence, be fully aware and present. What are you not seeing? Where are you living in denial? Where are you not in #alignment with who you are? Can you be in alignment in every part of your life? Accordingly, I hope that this gives you the opportunity to review your life and take a few steps back.

Hence, become conscious, train your #consciousness, train your awareness, sit in your own energy field. I hope that you like this weeks angel message. If it resonates share it with someone that you love.

Thank you for being here, I appreciate each and every one of you.

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