What is Christ Consciousness?

Updated: Sep 25

Christ consciousness is an energy, a frequency that we all can tap into. In this article Christine explains all about what Christ Consciousness (#christ) is. As we are moving to the new earth, more people are embodying the Christ #frequency, many humans now understand more of this frequency. Christ Consciousness (#christconsciousness) is about seeing the #Divine in everyone always, and seeing animals, people and all all living species as equally important because we all come from the same Source, from God. This is the spiritual perspective and has nothing to do with religion. So what did Christ stand for? When Ascended Master Jesus (#ascendedmasterjesus#) was incarnated into the human body, now he is a lightbeing, but he used to walk upon the Earth plane once upon a time.

First of all, love everyone regardless is the first, and probably the most important of all the things that Christ stands for, loving your neighbor, loving your friends, loving your family regardless (#chooselove). Loving without judgement because if you come from judgment you come from separation (#3rddensity). Ascended Master Jesus Christ was all about love as in unity, as in Union (#unity). Thus, loving all the aspects of yourself and of other people. It is also about serving humanity as the light being that you came here to be, this is what Christ did when he was here, and this is what he wants us to do when embodying this beautiful frequency. Christ Consciousness is the love frequency (#lovefrequency), the frequency of love. It sounds really simple and it's supposed to be simple.

Christ Consciousness is about love, loving everyone regardless, be that love the world needs to see. It's about coming into unity and work together as humans to create the new world. Christ already walked the path before us. All we need to do is follow that path. He already grounded the energy down here. He created an energy grid we can tap into this portal and walk the same path of Christ consciousness, of love, of #peace, of #abundance and bring those energies down to the #earthplane. It is about honoring the Divine in us all. First within yourself, then in others. Hence, honoring the Divine in others without attaching to others, without thinking that you own anything or anyone.

The challenge is when your human self wants to attach to other people. It can be addictions or just simply creating a story around this. Christ is here to remind us that it is about the #lightbeing behind the human mask. Hence, your human self is only The #experiencer. Your soul and your #lightbody wanted you to come down into physical form to experience the darkness and the light to bring it all into Unity again. In order to remember the Divine being you are. Christ was all about healing yourself and healing others. Always by #healing yourself first. He wants you to be the Creator that you came here on the Earth plane to be, because only when you see what's inside of you, you can create the reality you want to see. Let's create the new earth together. Christ Consciousness is about honoring yourself. Loving yourself, looking inside of yourself.

Christ is reminding us that we are all coming from #Source Consciousness. That is why he wants us to understand that loving everyone equally is important. We are all children of God, and we are all here to ascend into a #higherconsciousness. This is why we came here. We came here to bring awareness to what's going on around us, and inside of us. The outside is reflecting the inside, and we came here to bring awareness to all of this and transmute it, change the vibration, transform ourselves into being the Creator, being Source and come back home. When you make a decision, it's either from love or from fear. It is really simple. Can you bring out the #Christfrequency in you? Exercise: Say out loud: "I now embody the Christ Within Me". Say this as many times as you like and feel into what's happening in your energy while doing it. This way you are calling upon the frequency, the consciousness of Christ. You need to start inviting this Consciousness into your life and work with the energy. It's about accessing the powerful being of light that you are. I hope with this video that you clearly understand what it is, and how it can be implemented in your life.

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