What is spirituality?

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#Spirituality is embodying all aspects of you to transform into a #higher state of #consciousness. Completeness is all that is. You choose to forget when you #incarnate in this experience. You knew that this had to be done to wake up to the true you.

Wake up to #Spirit, to life, to #Source. Spiritual #awakening is an integration of all aspect of yourself. All which you forgot and supressed in this human experience, past human experiences or parallel human experiences.If you do not know Spirit, you have not yet #Awakened. When you do know Spirit , you gain an understanding of true essence. People that do not connect to Source will face challenges from the #illusion, the reality they create for themselves. People who align with Spirit will face challenges from their spirit guides, their Oversoul, #Ascended #Masters or other Beings to assist in growth of their #consciousness.

“There will be an substantial amount of seemingly young individuals who incarnate into Mother Earth at this point in time. Their Souls will be #crystallized.”

There will be no need for judgement as they attain an inner knowledge of greater reality. Abundance is their natural state and they will bring this state of being into Light.

The #children of the #Rainbow

Darkness has rules Mother Gaia too long, therefore, a huge shift is needed. It is the shift in consciousness. The Universe contains all that we need to stop suffering. Your Ego is what cases suffering upon your request. The Universe contains all that we need to put an end to suffering. The New Earth is an even greater place. The children of the Rainbow will lead the way. They always have room for more humans as they know what unconditional love is. They are here to teach us about Union. The time of separation is over. The rainbow children is here to help the transition into a higher level of awareness. You will find them at the bridge between the old and the new dimension.

~Messages from my Soul to your Soul.

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I love you, know that all is well and we'll speak soon.

Love & Light,

Lene Christine Karlsen

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