Why are you making decisions out of fear?

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All #humanbeings on this planet have an #emotionalbody, a mental body, a spiritual body and a physical body. You can see your physical body all the time; however, this does not mean this has to be your only perspective. Living your life based on one perspective is very limited. This is like living your life and only eat pizza for dinner every day. Thus, this creates #limitations in your mind. You know you are a part of something bigger than what you can see with your two eyes, and if not, I am here to remind you. So, why is it that so many of us makes decisions out of fear?

#Fear of rejection

Just because you have been rejected before, does not mean it will happen again, right? Consequently, you make the comfortable, safe decision. You choose this to avoid the fear again; however, this is not what you are actually doing. What you actually do is suppressing the fear even more. The #emotion we call “fear” has many layers to it. All you’ve ever experienced that has to do with fear creates a circle of energy. Moreover, this energy can make your physical or your mental body suffer if it is not released. Can you see how you make yourself suffer? Of course, it can be other people or situations which affects us, however, what you have inside of you will be projected out in your external environment. Can you see how you are responsible for your own life?

Fear of speaking the #truth

Many people are afraid to speak up, and tell the truth. Thus, they go years after years in denial until they one day hit the ground and wake up. Your life does not have to be a bunch of breakdowns, or does it? Whatever you choose, meaning, if you choose to align with your #Soul, the bigger part of you today, you can avoid taking all the difficult detours. Or can you? Maybe they are meant to happen? Maybe they make you become the stronger version of yourself.

#Aligning with the true you

Following on, how do you avoid making decisions based out of fear? You go within, you work on yourself. You sit. Alone. You sit with your #emotions, with your body. You get to know yourself. The only way you can ever make decisions based on love, is if you know yourself. Only when you know yourself, you know what you truly desire. Hence, what your Soul needs at this point, and let me just tell you, it might not be what you think you need. Hereby, tuning into your heart will help you to understand, and tune into your core frequency. This is who you really are. You are not what you see with your two eyes. Do you really believe what they taught you back then? Take a look again. The planet change, people change and #energies change.

When you think you know yourself well, take a look again. I guarantee you there is a new discovery waiting for you. It might not be covered in gold, but what are you doing with gold if you do not know the true self? The Universe always wants the very best for you. The question is, do you always want what is best for yourself?

I hope this article wake you up, because you are more than what you see with your two eyes. If you are provoked by this article, even better, that means there is something within you to work on. Let me know if you need help. We are humans. We are here to learn, grow and expand together.


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