Why past life regressions can help

Updated: Sep 25

The first time I had my #pastlife #regression everything made sense. Why I am this person that I am, why I am seeing myself this way, why I am having these thoughts. Why am I choosing the safe things? Why am I feeling nervous? Why am I feeling this way?

You probably wondered what a past life is or even have had some experiences yourself. Thus, a past life is a life that is actually happening as we speak. You just chose this life as your main life, but the different lives that you've had or are having is just other aspects of you, just like your angels. Thus, your #spiritguides are also other versions of you.

Essentially, we are all the same, right? You are the same as me, I am the same as you, and the same goes for past lives. Why is it so good to know about your past lives? This is a choice if you want to go back and see what happened, but I will tell you my experiences with it and why it has helped me so much.

I was actually having so many negative #emotions the last couple of years that I didnโ€™t understand were came from, and I even felt depressed. Hence, I didn't understand why I was having suddenly these emotions coming at me, but that was actually another aspect of me, in another life that was having challenges. Moreover, the other version of your #multidimensional self is sending energy to you in this life. This is sometimes difficult for us humans to understand, as we have trained our mind to be very limited.

My biggest challenges was not understanding this and at the same time being an empath who were taking on other people's emotions all the time no matter where I was going. We are living more than one life, the question is just; do we wake up to see it? Do we embrace the unknown?

A past life #regression will make you ask these questions; Why am I having these thoughts? Why am I choosing these things in my life? Why am I not having more fun in my life? Why am I taking my life so seriously? It can seem to be very serious here on earth. Following on, back in my past lives, the energies were not the same, it was felt denser in our body.

We have come so far in our human evolution that we can choose to anchor in the new downloads, new #lightcodes, and new #energy that is available for us now, it wasn't the same back then.

So for example, I have a life in the #Vikingage. Let's just say it was not the same back then, you know, people were killing each other on a daily basis. Thus, they were having fights and it was all about taking the land. They used the concept of fear to scare people. Hence, for me as a woman living in that timeโ€ฆ It was not easy to be a woman. Then it's not necessarily easy now either, but those experiences that I have from that life, I'm now using to transmute this energy, which is an aspect of me. I used to have negative thoughts about myself and the way I was talking to myself was not very nice. But now I know better I'm using this information from this past life to transform. I am using this to work with energies, and transform it to become an #empowered worrior of the light, and so can you.

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