Your life is a long movie...

...All of which you have to go through is of your own design. All of which you have to go though has a higher purpose behind it. All of which you experience is for your higher good. Your current experiences is preparing you for what’s to come. It is preparing your physical body for the future. The future is already here. Your future self holds a timeline, a point in what you call “time”. You can tap into this frequency whenever you want. Thus, step onto your future Self’s timeline. In a few seconds, by changing your consciousness, you can switch reality. It just depends on which game you want to play in. Remember this; you are the main character of your own movie. How do you want your life to play out?​

There will always be new timelines ready for your to enter. The art of entering lays in your consciousness. Choose to be a conscious Creator.

About Me


I used to feel other people's emotions all the time, guess what? I am an empath, but I had no idea. This led me to spending the past 10 years of my life studying myself up and down.

I see myself as a guide, an alchemist, yoga teacher, empath, intuitive, channeler, healer, lightworker and starseed. These are all labels. In essence, I am a spirit who incarnated in this human body, just like you.


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